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Khonsu Clock Lamp with Wireless Charging

Khonsu Clock Lamp with Wireless Charging

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100% Money-Back Guarantee - 60 days

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident that you'll be satisfied with our products. We offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you don't like it or it doesn't work. There is ZERO RISK for you.


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A Partnership of Design, Art, and Functionality.
The Khonsu Clock Lamp is a melting pot of design elements. Providing features that combine functionality with style, this lamp is the cherry on top of any desk or table.
Say hello to your new favorite lighting and charging accessory. Modern minimalism doesn't have to mean boring and bland, so we created the Khonsu LED Clock Lamp that acts as both - a charging station and an LED table lamp.
Featuring a modern-style clock and desk lamp, this unique piece can be a great addition to your bedroom or your office. This one-of-a-kind design marvel is a must-have piece for anyone looking to upgrade their home's interior design.
Decorating your home is always considered a win-win when something is both fashionable and functional. Take the Khonsu Clock Lamp for example: Crafted from metal, it boasts a round silhouette, so it’s sure to make a bold statement on any bare space in your abode plus it functions as a lamp and wireless charger at the same time! A decorative wall clock without numbers can bring a different style to your home! 
Height: 18 inches / 46 cm
Base Width:
6 inches / 15 cm
Integrated LED Wattage:
20 Watt
Built-in LED Light:
Available in warm, warm white, cold white, and dimmable
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