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MagPrivacy™ | iPhone Privacy Case

MagPrivacy™ | iPhone Privacy Case

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End of the Ineffective Screen Protector Era!

Magprivacy is made with a 9H tempered glass and oleophobic coating, providing an exceptionally smooth surface. It is resistant to fingerprints, scratches, and is extremely durable.

Unlock the power of privacy!

Our MagPrivacy Case - secret agent for your pocket, protecting your messages and screen for your eyes only! Want to keep your messages, photos, and videos under wraps? Slip your phone into our Magnetic iPhone Case and watch as it transforms into a fortress of privacy. 

  • Privacy Protection
  • Screen Protection
  • Easy Installation
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Wireless charging compatible

Say goodbye to privacy invasions with our ultimate solution.

Unlock the power of privacy  - Only you will have access to your phone's screen with our sleek and simple design.

Full Body Protection - Featuring a water & oil repellent coating, anti-scratch surface and reinforced design to withstand accidental spills, fingerprints, scratches and daily wear.

Easy Installation - The case is magnetic so it's easy to put your phone in and take it out.

Wireless Charging Compatible - Forget about the hassle of having to remove your phone case in order to wirelessly charge your phone.

This case is incredible in following places:
- School, University
- Office
- Any other public place

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